Queens Village- NY

My name is Rafaelina I am a college student in Hunter
double majoring in Biochemistry and Psychology. I love
taking care of kids especially because I have nephews and
nieces which I love them the most. I am a passive and
comprehensive person when it comes to kids. I love
teaching kids how to read, how to talk, to help them develop
skills and learn new things from the simplest tasks. Also, I am
good at teaching about emotions and making them happy.
know how to cook really delicious food. I can help with
homework. I am also a painter therefore I can teach them
how to draw and paint while I am taking care of the child. My
house is quite big so I can also have them here if you bring
them. My school schedule is sometimes heavy but we can
talk about which days I am available. I speak Spanish and
English. Please, feel free to contact me if you are interested
in hiring me or for any inquiries.

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