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Hi, I have 6 Spots open available for the age’s 3 to 12 years old before and after school are welcome. Monday-Friday 6a.m - 6p.m

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Jolie posted September 19, 2022

phyllicia, how are you? my son will turn 5years old next month and is on spectrum. I need a place to provide a place and little care when he is there and working with his ABA therapist and by the afternoon, the bus picks him up and take him to pre-school and I am going to pick him up from your place. here is his schedule from 8am to 11"50 am ABA therapy to be done to your place and when the bus comes, you can put him on the bus and he will go to the preschool. his drop off time is 4'50pm and I am going to pick him up around 5"20pm. Thanks. 0 Likes

Phyllicia posted September 19, 2022

We’re are you located ? 0 Likes