paper or cloth diapers

i really dont know what to do

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Lisa posted October 7, 2021

dont know if i want to wash cloth ones all the time 0 Likes

Lisa posted October 7, 2021

thats a lot to do. anyone done both who can tell me which i shoud do?? 0 Likes

Cordelia posted October 8, 2021

You will have to wash cloth diapers all the time and I’ll tell you it’s time consuming. Honestly, use a good new and improved diaper. Life changes and we have different experience in each era. This is a whole new generation. We have so much going on. Unless you are sitting pretty home, just use an organic diaper instead of cloth. Just my advice. I use cloth diaper and honestly saw no put but torturing myself for IDK why lol best wishes 0 Likes

Natalie posted October 9, 2021

There’s actually a cloth diaper service that I use which they will wash the diapers for you and return them to you every week. You trade them out on Mondays. They are $88 a month which is a huge money saver as well. I believe they have a few cloth diaper services in San Diego, but I use the baby bliss and co cloth diapers. Check them out ! I love them for my baby girl. She is 3mths and I’ve been using them ever since 0 Likes

Cassandra posted October 26, 2021

Cloth for sure. Cloth diapers are less expensive than paper diapers and can be washed and reused. 0 Likes

Ellie posted October 26, 2021

I had my baby in disposable diaper until i jumped in the cloth diaper world when he was 5 months old. Then when he started daycare and I started working full time around his 2.5 year mark we switched him to disposable again. Cloth diapers come in fun prints, I got all neutral prints in case i have another kid. I ended up with 50 shells and all their stuffing so I would only have to wash every second to third day, stripped them once a month and had stuffing marathons with hubby. I also don’t demonize disposable, they sure come handy for travel and in our case we used them on our kid for night time. Ebay is a good source to find more affordable shells and stuffing for cloth diapering. Good luck! 0 Likes

Bruna Lemos posted November 2, 2021

I used cloth diapers for almost 2 years with my two 18 months apart boys,and I liked a lot you have more work but less expensive and more comfortable for the babies 0 Likes