Opening a new daycare

Hi parents. Teeny Weeny Day Care is just opening in Bay Shore, NY. Welcome all from 1-5 years old.

I’m a provider. I was working for special needs classroom at the school district so many years.

We’re providing meals, drinks, snacks and supplies. For your convenience, There is no need to bring anything! We have outdoor play and we have so many activities to developing our kiddos. It will be a lot of fun for them everyday because each day is different. Children learn best by being involved in learning, actively engaging with the environment, and trying many different activities.

Children from 1-5 years old are all about to exploring the world and learning the kindness.
They have to be at the right environment.

Child development stages on ages 1-5 is a tricky time, Teeny Weeny Day Care looks at everything from walking and talking to starting school.

We’re open 6 days a week.
We have Full time and Part time programs!

Enroll it now…

Teeny Weeny Day Care’s Provider

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