Get covered childcare during military training!
Military Childcare Assistance

Open enrollment in BRONX, NY 10462

Kids JUNGLE LLC “A jungle where we can learn & create while still soaring!”
NYS Licensed Provider: Indhira Jimenez
Location: Bronx, NY 10462
We provide homemade meals: breakfast lunch and snack
We are a bilingual program (English & Spanish)
We are CPR and first aid certified
We accept ACS, HRA vouchers and Private pay
We offer after-school pick up for a .5 radius location of the school.
We help children with school homework & tutoring.
We are accepting children from 6 weeks-12 years old.
Our curriculum is based on reading, science, writing, dance & music, math, dramatic play, sensory play, social skills, fine motor skills & emotional skills. We incorporate some Montessori & Reggio Emilia learning methods.
Our mission is to ensure that our children are receiving a safe and warm environment where our children can grow emotionally, socially and physically.

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