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Open Enrollment!

Grand Opening!
We are elated to announce Learning Sprouts Infant & Toddler House grand opening! We are beyond excited, overjoyed for our program! We know families will enjoy joining our community!

Our Approach
Learning Sprouts thrives on providing child-centered childcare. Focused on fostering children’s creativity in a developmentally appropriate & resource rich play-based environment. Learning Sprouts derives from the philosophies of RIE, Reggio Emilia, Magda Gerber, Montessori and Waldorf. Wherein believing in the power of children. Taking pieces of these philosophies, combines a refreshed approach to inclusivity, independence & acceptance of each individual!

Program Details
Our program is geared toward ages 6wks-3yrs. We will begin with a limited number of enrollments, at this time. However, in the coming months we will be expanding and continue to enroll as space becomes available! Stay tuned!
Interested families, please email owner directly at

Hours of Operation
Tuesday-Friday 8am-5pm
Saturday-Monday CLOSED
*Mondays will be offered at a later time (TBA)

Tuition School Year 2023-2024
Spots are filled on a first come first serve basis. Tuition is a flat rate of $1800.00 a month for all ages. Because of our cohort pod approach, we are not offering part time care.

Tuition is due by the 5th of each month, a late fee of $25/day will be applied starting the 7th. All submissions of tuition can be sent directly to the owner, via Venmo @Learning-Sprouts-1 Cashiers checks are acceptable as well.

Tuition should be expected to increase each school year to reflect the increase of cost of living.

What will my child need?

A wet bag
Clearly labeled with child first and last name, for any soiled clothing
Changes of clothes
Clearly labeled with child's first and last name
Please take constant inventory that the clothing is appropriate for the current weather conditions. i.e., rain suit, pants, long sleeve/short sleeve shirts, socks, shoes, etc
As well as fits your child without any restrictions to the body
Crib sheets
These will be sent home every Friday to be washed at home.
Diapers, wipes, bottom creams/ointments
Any necessary medications
Please make sure you have signed a medication release form. All medications will be safely ensconced in a secure area away from children in a lock box.
Pre-made bottles
Clearly labeled with child's name, date, contents and amount of contents (oz) (this can be breast milk, formula or a combination)
We want to ensure sanitary conditions for all forms of consumption, by avoiding transferring contents into bottles.
Please make sure there is no attachments i.e., stuffed animals or clips of any kind on the pacifiers
Blankets, pillows & stuffed animal
Children over the age of 12 months are allowed to sleep with additional items such as blankets/sleep sacks, pillows and stuffed animals.
Sleep sacks
Children under the age of 12 months per safe sleep guidance, is able to sleep using sleep sacks (ask for approved sleep sacks) and a pacifier only
Our Food Program
Learning Sprouts follows a “whole foods” approach. Also known as “baby led weaning”. Wherein as the name suggests, we are offering fresh organic fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy in its most natural form.
Foods will be prepared and served in as natural a state as possible while also meeting developmentally appropriate consistency for health & safety. With our life-long ECE experiences, we offer extensive knowledge about how inclusive and powerful this approach is.

Reach out for more info!

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Kristen posted February 9, 2023

where are you located? 0 Likes

Monica posted February 9, 2023

Inner SE area :) near Benjamin Franklin High school. You are welcome to email me directly at director.learningsprouts@gmail.con for more information! 0 Likes