No response to messages?

So we have sent several messages to potential sitters/nannies with no reply. Are we doing it wrong?

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Rosetta posted January 26, 2023

No, I am doing daycare out of my house as right now until I finish my building, so who are you looking to put in childcare? 0 Likes

Rita posted January 26, 2023

No, nothing wrong. 0 Likes

Annette posted January 26, 2023

I have had the same issue. 0 Likes

Zeinab posted January 26, 2023

Are you looking for childcare for your kids 0 Likes

Annette posted February 2, 2023

Yeah, Grandsons ages 2 & 4 0 Likes

David posted February 2, 2023

Still no replies to messages 0 Likes

Seth posted April 18, 2023

Same issue. Any idea what's up? 0 Likes