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Hi! I’m Krisleidy Ceballo and I was originally born in Brooklyn but raised in the Bronx. I have 4 siblings, two younger sister and two older brothers. As a child, I enjoyed poetry writing and reading books. Actually wrote a book! I am going to graduate from John Jay College of criminal justice. I’m in my third year and am studying forensic psychology. Which originally means working with Ill patients who commit crimes. I cared for three families since 2018. I picked up both girls from school, took them to their appointments, oversaw and coordinated play dates, cook dinner sometimes, and helped with homework. I took them to their extracurricular classes outside of school, such as tap and musical theater. I used to tutor kids in English, math, and psychology. I was a babysitter for the family. worked with special needs kids as well! Outside of work, I enjoy photography, writing, and doing spoken word, which is spoken poetry. I like to read about psychology things and the life of others. I can speak Spanish which is a plus for many.

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