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My 14mo old won’t eat at Daycare

Hi I just recently put my 14 month old in Daycare and because of her age, she’s been placed in the Toddler Program. She was 4wks premature so she’s the smallest & youngest one in the group. Not only does she have to adjust to the environment, she also have to adapt and transition to the toddler’s schedule which I find really difficult for her; and to top it off she doesn’t eat while she’s there. (8hrs) because she’s used to a bottle rather than a sippy cup. They refuse to give her a bottle because I’ve been told that “Toddlers only uses Sippy Cups” Any suggestions on how to cope with this situation?

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Khadra posted August 19, 2022

They can’t starve a child. They need to adjust to the child’s needs. They need to give her a bottle. How can they allow a child to go 8 hrs without food? Please stand your ground on the child’s needs 1 Like

Jenny posted August 19, 2022

If she doesn’t adapt to the sippy cup after a few days, get a note from your doctor. I have five kids, five grandkids, been a teacher for 25 years and I have a daycare. At 12 months the mouth muscles are ready for the sucking needed for using a sippy cup. Delaying this by providing a baby bottle isn’t necessary. A thirsty child will drink. If not, like I said, let the doctor know. It may be a developmental delay. 1 Like

Mariam posted August 19, 2022

You need to find another day care with a small group where provider will do the transition little by little .some children need more time for any transition A New environment a new schedule it’s too much for a toddler if they refuse to do little by little May be you should find somebody else 1 Like

Marilyn posted August 19, 2022

THANKS so much for your suggestions! 🥰 0 Likes