Looking to babysit/nanny.

I have 4 years of experience from age 11-15 working with children aging a few months to 11years old and have a love for children.
As a teenager I frequently spent time with my friend's family and part of spending time with my friend often included some babysitting for their younger children ages infant/toddler to 11 by the time the family moved away.

I am 25 years old both covid shots (booster soon), have my drivers license, and I live in St. Charles.
As far as childcare:
I know how to change a diaper and bottle feed, do laundry, how to get picky toddlers to get dressed or eat.
How to to distract to diffuse a tantrum.
How to soothe and manage a tantrum gently, and work towards emotional regulation.
I know how to entertain and play with children and how to calm disputes between siblings.
I can teach ABC's and 123's and appropriate age songs and rhymes.
I know how to put children to bed/naps, read to them, tell stories, as well as sing, and get them up and ready for school as well.
I can rock children and give baths, and provide teeth brushing and hair combing as well.
I can help a little with elementary age homework.
I know how to cook and clean.
I can take children to the park.
I am friendly, fun, disciplined, and responsible, I am naturally maternal, and good under pressure.
I don't mind pets and can care for dogs, cats, rodents, rabbits, and fish.

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