looking for summer job.

hi everyone ! I'm tati I'm a current college student looking for a full time nanny position in Grand rapids Michigan area. I’ve had many experiences with children since I was 13 years old I had got my Red Cross certification twice for babysitting. I have also worked in the medical field I was a certified nurse assistant and I did that straight out of high school and I stopped doing that at the age of 21 and switch my major to business administration. I love working with pets I have my own dog, I love working with children I have a lot of nieces and nephews, I work with the elderly as well I care give my two grandmothers that are elderly, and I also enjoy helping people when it comes to their home.I have a wide range of experiences and I can fit in anything that you need me to do when it comes to helping you out in your household just ask for help and I probably can fix that for you! I am super helpful .

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