looking for childcare that takes CCRE

I have 3 kids and need child care 8am to 5pm Monday Tuesday and Wednesday for one that is 2 and after school for the others which are 5 and 7

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Rhaisa posted June 6, 2022

Hi where you located ? 0 Likes

Louella posted June 6, 2022

where are you located 0 Likes

Vida posted June 6, 2022

Hi kacey these is vida Amiri I am a provider l am living in Elk Grove CA where you living please? 0 Likes

Sandra posted June 6, 2022

Hi, where are you located please 0 Likes

Dionne posted June 7, 2022

Are you in Brooklyn? 0 Likes

Valita posted June 8, 2022

In North Highlands Ca 95842. I accept child action. I have opening in home license daycare. for all 3 kids. 0 Likes

Don’t Need It posted June 8, 2022

I can take care of your kids inbox me 0 Likes