Looking for child care for my 6yr old daughter with mild special needs

We live in Santa Clarita, CA and need either a babysitter or a drop in child care center for our baby girl. Starting July 14 - Aug 20 ( min 3 days a week , early morning (6a or 7a till 4pm). She needs diaper change and is mildly on autism spectrum.

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Clara posted July 6, 2022

Hello is Clarita’s Day cara, we live in New York 0 Likes

Clara posted July 6, 2022

Hi I’m Clarita’s child care, I open the 8:00 am to 5:00 Pm we have space for children the 5 month to 3 years old. 0 Likes

Clara posted July 6, 2022

The class is in Spanish 0 Likes

Sara posted July 7, 2022

we live in California 0 Likes

Max posted July 7, 2022

Hello! I live in Santa Clarita and I am available for babysitting :) Feel free to message me! I can diaper change and I have experience with coping skills and helping autistic kids/friends of mine as well 0 Likes

Max posted July 10, 2022

Hi Sara, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re still looking for a sitter! I’m here to help. 0 Likes