Looking for a nanny?!

Hello! My name is Brooke, I’m 20 years old and I attend Geneva college! I’ve been babysitting/nannying for 7+ years! In those years I’ve cared for 1-8 children at a time!
The ages range from infant-12 years old! I’ve always grown up caring for children! I not only love entertaining them, I love caring for them! I’m willing to help with house work, homework, transportation! Anything to help the family is what I long to do!
Starting in may I will be home for the summer! I’d love to help families out with their littles! If you’re interested please message me!

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Cameka posted August 12, 2022

Hey Brooke I'm looking for someone that can watch my 3 little kids I currently have 4 but she old enough to watch herself I need someone to watch the little kids can you please help me out I desperately looking for someone immediately 0 Likes