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Looking for a Drop-in Day for 7/1

Hi, I'm looking for a Drop-in daycare I can take my 2 littles to this Saturday 7/1 from around 12pm to 330pm. I have two girls 2.5 yrs & 13 months. They are easily entertained, food motivated & will likely be sleepy around those times. Please respond if available or know of any in the area

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Earma posted June 28, 2023

Good morning are you located in Palmdale? If so I’m available 0 Likes

Shanay posted June 28, 2023

Hey, which city are you located? 0 Likes

Senait posted June 28, 2023

Hello,Which city are located ? 0 Likes

Lhakpa posted June 28, 2023

What daycare location are you looking for ? 0 Likes