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Looking for a babysitter

Hi! I am looking for a babysitter for my 1 year old son. We are in Santa Clarita, CA. For now the position is part time and will eventually become full time when I go back to work full time. Pay is negotiable. Thank you!

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Beatriz posted December 20, 2021

I would love to take the opportunity feel free to contact me 0 Likes

Claudia posted December 20, 2021

Please contact me . I run a licensed child care in Corona . 3233719498 0 Likes

Anna posted December 20, 2021

Hi Beatriz, what is the best way to contact you? 0 Likes

Makel posted April 13, 2022

Hello I’m interested In a baby sitter i have 2 children 2 years old an 9 months old I live in the Hollywood area if anybody could help I would appreciate it 0 Likes