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looking for a baby sitter or nanny for a 2 year old toddler. *Special Needs* NORWALK CA.

a little about my son:

So my son was born at 7 month premature. Sadly he his lungs weren't fully developed so he required a trach for the first 2 years if his life. He has lived in a hospital his entire life until recently when his trach was removed and he was released from the hospital. He is 2 (3 in April) but because he was living in CHOC his entire life, he's a little delayed. Developmentally he is 1 going on 2.

Also, he does not eat orally, he has a g tube but there has never been an issue with it. If your comfortable feeding him through the g tube, it's very easy then great if not, I totally understand. We can coordinate to feed him ourselves.

Other than how he eats, he is like a normal baby, he is very friendly and loves to play. he loves to be tickled and he loves cocomelon. he's honestly very calm and very independent. because he was living in a hospital setting he self entertains and doesn't require too much attention unless he is walking around. for the most part he does not put anything in his mouth, because he has not eaten he does not know how to eat so you will not need to make him any food, and you will not have to feed him orally.

I just need someone to watch him Monday -Friday hours are flexible as long as you can watch him for 7 -8 hours at least.

I would like someone to come to our house to watch him, we are currently in Norwalk Ca.

if you or anyone you know can watch my son during these times I would greatly appreciate you reaching out.

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