Located in Charlotte, NC 28273 As of 4/18/22 location change > 28214

Hi! I’m looking for childcare opportunities. I can house sit and dog sit as well.
I need something to keep me busy as I obtain my personal training certificate.
Freshman year of high school, I participated in early childhood Education. I babysit for my Friends sister n’ law along with my 3 younger siblings for a couple of years.
I just obtained my CPR, AED, & First Aid certificate for Adult, Infant, and child. As it is up to date and I will show you for legal purposes.
Looking to work ASAP. I had to leave my previous job with Amazon since the night shift hours were making me ill.
I’m willing to take children to the parks, zoos, museums out for ice cream unless you don’t approve. Then otherwise, I’ll gladly set up activities for them to do at home or in the back yard.
I know it can be overwhelming to meet someone new. I can definitely meet up to have lunch or something with the parents and kiddo(s) before you decide I’m a good fit to babysit, dog sit, (and/or) house sit.
I’m willing to negotiate wages ($)
Location: 28273 as of right now. On 4/18/22 I’ll be moved into my house located near 28214

Babysitter ~ (Set pay) /negotiate
10months - 14yrs

Housesitting ~ (Set pay)
(Depending on how far out I have to drive)
• Cleaning: 2-4hrs > $50-250
• A Stop by check: (Negotiate)
• Yard work: (Negotiate)
* I can water your plants. I’m a plant hobbyist *
• Other inquiries ~ negotiate

Pet-sitting ~ (Set pay)

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Keshia posted September 29, 2022

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