Job Inquiry for Nanny

Hello my name is Maiya, I am twenty years old and currently looking into becoming a full time nanny. While I do not have experience specifically working as a nanny, I do have plenty of experience caring for and looking after children of all ages, including infants. I have had CPR training and am currently taking courses in infant and child first-AID as well as babysitting and advanced childcare to further my knowledge and skills. I do also have experience working professionally with children as I was a children's church ministry intern for about two years. Duties included planning lessons and activities for/teaching younger kids and toddlers. I also have a year of experience working as a housekeeper. My current job working for a company that sells shoes and sportswear pays very well but is not emotionally fulfilling. I have always had a deep love for children and very much enjoy being a caretaker over them, which is why I would like to pursue it as a career. I also love animals and am comfortable with pets. I do have reliable transportation and am able to help with running errands, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, carpooling, etc. I live in the Lincolnton area and am willing to travel up to twenty miles.

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