Is normal not to ve allowed for parents to enter the daycare of a toddler?

Hi everyone! My babygirl is 20 months old and she started daycare 2 weeks ago. She is crying a lot. I think this is normal but I have few concerns . I wasn't allowed to be the first days with her as it was when my sons started daycare. The management said that before covid was different now a parent isn't allowed at the premises. We dropped off our kids at the door we aren't allowed to visit or to pick up them from the hallway or classroom. We should ring the bell and someone from the staff will bring her outside. Also I said can I just come and check on her without her seeing me. They said no. I feel that there isn't a transparency there. We have an application where the teachers are posting pictures or short videos. When I asked to see a picture of her plate they start saying you should trust us etc. The baby lost wheight and isn't touching the food there at all. As a mother I am concerned and they told me that she should start eating by herself because they will have a new kid coming the teachers don't have time to feed her etc. I feel so stressed and unhappy, because she I can feel she isn't well. Please tell me is all this normal. I talked to friends and other daycares today and they told me the parents are welcomed to check on their kids. And come inside to pick up their kids. Please tell me I am exaggerating!?

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Alexis posted August 31, 2022

Find a new daycare 1 Like

Joanna posted August 31, 2022

Something is not right

Please find another day care
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Theresa posted August 31, 2022

I am a in home provider you are allowed to tour mu home once I am closed, I started this once COVID came about. You will have to wear a mask. Drop off and pick up is at the front door in the hallway. You are allowed to stop by anytime to chek on children except during nap time you will only be allowed to be in the hallway. 1 Like

Laviesha posted September 1, 2022

If you as her mother feel uncomfortable with the daycare then you should take her out. I totally understand their point about not being able to come in the daycare, I've also seen this in other daycare as well where a staff member will bring the child to the door or get them from the door when being dropped off. So much has changed since COVID. Question, does your daughter eat at home by herself? If so then maybe you should send her with her favorite food that way she'll eat but again, you do what's best for you and your daughter. 1 Like

Fiora posted September 7, 2022

Thank you from my heart all of you! In meantime I checked with daycares in my neighborhood and everywhere, the parents are allowed in to check their kids if they feel the need. I will move my little one. I just informed the daycare. Thank you so much! 0 Likes

Yvette posted January 17, 2023

We are having the same issue in a daycare/preschool in LES. My granddaughter is 2 u can’t go in u can’t get picks or updates during the day. When u call they transfer to the classroom and no one picks up, if they do pick up the teacher is always unavailable. Our little one eats by herself but doesn’t eat bread and they don’t allow food from home. They told us she only eats her fruit in the morning. Very lunch consists of bread so she’s not eating all day. And there response is well take it up with the state it’s their rules. They serve tuna, peanut butter and jelly burgers all consists of bread. It’s not ok for a child to go 7.5 hrs and only eat fruit in the morning. 0 Likes