I'm looking for babysitting job

I have been a mom of 2 boys for 13 years I have been a stay-at-home mom since the age of 17 so I know everything there is to possibly know about a child I couldn't clean I do anything you could possibly think of doing for a child I take care of my nephews sometimes and I mean it has a right now I am a caregiver caregiver for special needs elderly people but I'm looking for something a little bit more Of what I'm used to doing I can work from 8 AM to 2 PM Monday through Friday or or I can take care of your child at my home if It's something that you're open to and you feel comfortable doing I'm a very nice friendly person I am very patient I take my time I listen I'm always on time for anything I'm supposed to do. If you are willing to accept me I'm willing to talk to you further about what you want in what the options are. I have also babysitted a lot when I was younger before I had kids of my own so I'm very experienced in caring for people and caring for young children.

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