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I can’t see my messages in my inbox

I’ve received 2 messages from people but they won’t show up in my inbox. Anyone else having this issue?

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Pauline posted July 8, 2022

Yes the same has happen to me 0 Likes

Jimmy Joe posted July 8, 2022

Yes? the same thing. Is going on with me too!! And I don’t what to do about it. 0 Likes

Jennifer posted July 8, 2022

Yes. Same thing happened to me today. I will be trying to contact a help desk and see what is going on. Will provide any update of info I get. 0 Likes

Jimmy Joe posted July 10, 2022

Uh, this very confusing and frustrating because now I don’t know if the parents still want me to babysit for them or not. 0 Likes

Jimmy Joe posted July 10, 2022

Because I couldn’t reply back to them. 0 Likes

Deja posted November 15, 2022

Same! How did you guys resolve the issue ? 0 Likes