I am babysitter from 6years . if any mom needs help plss let me know. you can check my profile.

I have 5years of experience with 3month old and up age children
My availability is morning 9am to 2pm , 2pm to 10pm . I do take late night shifts also night time
I help with their education doing homework and arts and craft.
I help with their hygiene and nutrition; I do light housekeeping for the child. I can door indoor and outdoor activities its walkable distance. I enjoy doing recreational actives with the children. I enjoy preparing children meals. I walk the child to school bus or walkable to school zone. I also read stories to the child. I have computer knowledge. I know how to swim I can teach the child to swim. I will protect the child from any type surroundings and environmental danger. I am friendly and energetic. I am diverse and non-judgmental. I enjoy playing video games. I enjoy taking them to the library, park and musem and take them to the movies. I am good with pets. I am very attentive ,open minded, loya,l trustworthy, sincere, and honest person.

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Porscha posted June 3, 2023

How much do you charge weekly for a 1 year old?