How do I get my toddler's pee stains out of his bed?

My little one keeps having accidents on our bed and I can’t seem to get the pee smell out! How can I clean it? I tried detergent, but the smell still hasn’t gone away. Anyone experienced this?

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Renee posted June 5, 2019

We had this problem with my son for a while when we were potty training. He peed on our bed, the couch, the carpet. Vinegar is magic! Rub the spot with vinegar and don’t worry - the vinegar smell goes away when it dries. 1 Like

Amanda posted June 5, 2019

Vinegar or Lysol spray should help! It’s probably not a bad idea to get a mattress protector for any bed your kiddo is going to be sleeping on, too! 0 Likes

Iva posted June 25, 2019

You also can you baking soda mix it with vinegar. Scrub with toothbrush and then wash. 0 Likes