HI, My name is Erika Bass i am available mon-fri and some weekends. I have plenty experience .

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Erika posted April 6, 2022

I have experience with infants and on up , I am also available some weekends 0 Likes

Jenielle posted April 7, 2022

Location? Are you background checked, CPR/First-aid certified, do you have any special training/certifications, and do you have transportation and references? 0 Likes

Erika posted April 7, 2022

East Baton Rouge 0 Likes

Hector posted May 17, 2023

Hello, my name is Hector Martinez. I am looking for someone to babysit my son my three year old son his name is Lukas it would be Wednesday Thursday Friday from 10 to 5. What are your price ranges and what are your how can we get started? 0 Likes