Hi! Looking for overnight nannies.

My name is Cody Stowe.

I have 3 very well-mannered and disciplined boys of the ages 9, 7, and 5. Their names are Oliver, Elliott, and Fletcher. I have equal custody of them. My schedule is every other week, Sunday evening to Sunday evening. At the moment I am having to work out of time on one of my weeks. I am looking for a live-in nanny who can stay with them on the week that I am gone. It would be 7 days every 21 days.

Required during this week:
*Pick up and drop off at mother's home. Their mother's apartment is 5miles from my apartment at Oaklyn Apartments
*Pickup and drop off at school. Their school is 5miles from my apartment.
*Prepare meals for them.
*Help with bedtime.
*Take them to church Sunday morning and Tues evening. Church is right across the street from apartment.
*Laundry not needed. I will take care of that on my days home.
*Minimal cleaning. I will take care of that on my days home.

Thank you!

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