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Hi! Looking for a new family to nanny for located in Eugene oregon!

*Repost* from my current family.

Hi Everyone!

I am posting on behalf of our current nanny, Shayla. Our family needs have changed and we will not be needing her anymore unfortunately.

This truly breaks my heart to part ways with her as I have never met another person that I trust with my kids as much as I trust her. She is a gem of a human being and honestly a superstar nanny.

This woman does it all for for us, she not only watches our children but she helps keep the house tidy, she does our grocery shopping/runs errands, she takes the kids on outings, she has gone on trips with us to be a vacation nanny and truly has never let us down.

Shayla has shown nothing but patience, kindness, playfullness and gentleness with our 2 children. They have bonded with her more than I could have imagined.

If you are looking for a nanny and would like to talk to myself or Shayla please message one of us I really hope to find her another family to work for. You would be lucky to have her! — with Shayla Magers

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