Get covered childcare during military training!
Military Childcare Assistance

DayCare Teach and Transportation Services

Mon-Fri 6am to 6pm. Arts&Crafts/ Mini Field Trips /Nursery Rhymes /Help with School Work. In Notth Highlands, CA 95842. Pick up from Home or Events or School. Breakfast Lunch and Snacks.

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Don’t Need It posted June 8, 2022

I am in need of care please inbox me 0 Likes

Valita posted June 8, 2022

Goodmorning Priscilla! 0 Likes

Sylvia posted June 8, 2022

Do you need care for your child (ren)? Text me right away. 0 Likes

Valita posted June 8, 2022

I run a license home day care. 0 Likes

Double posted December 8, 2023

are you available? 0 Likes