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Child Care Review for Yolanda Wells Weecare (5/5 Stars)

Wells Family Childcare is a great place to send your children! (Military Family- Friendly) Yolanda the director and founder is a deeply loving and caring Mother and Teacher. She and her family together treat each child like their very own and nurture each one with their gifts and talents. My Wife and I were Dual Military living far away from family, during COVID we we're relieved to find Yolanda who had GREAT rates. (she is worth every penny and more!) But also had a robust program to actively and rapidly excel any child at any age. She is trained with her degree in Child Pshcyology and is always challenging herself and family to grow by actively taking new college courses to have the most up to date policies and practices for childcare. Activities that our newborn daughter was grasping only by 12-18 months with confidence: mobility and walking, colors, words and the alphabet (Both Spanish and English), how to hold a pencil, developing a DEEP passion for reading, numbers 1 - 10 permanence by playing house, sense of community within a multi diverse cultural setting. She dreams of one day having her own care facility outside her home and we have bo doubt she will accomplish this and more! Her family ran the Home Based Childcare Facility very professionally, my wife and I were thoroughly impressed. Yolanda and her family personally watched our daughter for Almost 2 years and they developed a close bond with one another. If ANY issue or concern should arise definetly talk to her and she is amenable and a great team mate. They are an extremely kind and understanding family, if late from work or as life happens they have a modest late fees. If the Military ever stations us back in the Imperial Beach, CA area we would gladly work with her again!

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