Challenging time to find daycare

We live in a smaller rural community, and it is a challenge finding daycare. Our family are spread out and not an option. Any tips or suggestions on how to navigate this process would be greatly appreciated.
Have a great day all!

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Ahngee posted October 20, 2023

Finding a daycare can be tough
The most important thing when it comes to find a daycare is feeling like your child be safe and secure there. I wear their milestones and development can be reached appropriately. It’s always hard for a parent to leave their children with other people specially strangers, but it’s important that your child will feel love and you feel safe and going to work or running errands don’t be afraid to look around even two smaller daycare’s. Because do you have to worry about ratio numbers and how many teachers go in and out of the building. So it’s important that you feel that your child is not going to be introduced to to many strangers with high turnover rates when it comes to daycare’s. Communicating with the daycare is important. And although some daycare’s may have high ratings, it’s always great to know someone that can use for you to a daycare. And if you can’t be referred, maybe talk to you some other mothers in your community. Never hesitate to ask questions. If a daycare seems overwhelmed, overcrowded and unorganized just make sure you pay attention to those
things. Ask about their policy. And another major thing is making sure that the daycare can fit in your financial budget.
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