Babysitter for Hire

Hi! My name is Morgan- I am a head coach partime at Bridgeview Girls Soccer Academy. I have availability to babysit all days of the week besides Saturday and Tuesday/Thursday nights. I’m flexible & good with kids (all ages). I don’t have kids of my own (YET! Lord willing) but I was raised in a big family and took care of my brother, sisters, cousins etc,. I went to school for teaching science and know a lot about how to educate kids as well as youth psychology.
I was a Sunday school teacher as well-I have a lot of experience hands on and educationally. Your kids will be in the best of care with me. I can create fun learning environments as well as emotional stability as a care provider while you are away. I’m an excellent communicator-also, love taking pictures and keeping art that kids make. I’ll be in as much communication as you want/need as well as follow the care that YOU DESIRE for your child. Please contact me here on WeeCare to schedule an interview with me or to set up scheduling.
-All families interested in hire should know that I do and will protect myself and your children to not come in harms way. I carry knives, pepper spray, etc,. They will not EVER be in reach of your children. I am trained and grew up in the woods in Pennsylvania. I do not mess around with the safety of kids or myself. With that being said, please get to know me if you are interested in my services! Looking forward to talking with you.-

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Morgan posted June 25, 2023

Located in Salem, OR 0 Likes

Gabrielle posted June 25, 2023

Hello u have availability every day 4to 7pm? At my place 0 Likes