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Hello my name is Breanna I am 18 years old, I graduated high school last year. I am currently looking for a babysitting job ! I can babysit all ages , help you out as best as possible, help the child with school/homework (if they are in school), and basic duties. I am flexible with hours and can do some weekends ! Please contact me if you need a babysitter !

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Bree posted March 30, 2022

Hello I was wondering if I could get more information about you and are you open to babysitting that she's chubby 3 in July she's potty trained and all that but we would most likely need you to start like with the next 2 weeks and it'll be a Monday through Thursday mornings good afternoon 0 Likes

Diana posted March 30, 2022

Hello how much do u charge 0 Likes