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Hello good afternoon. My name is Karla I am 26yrs old I have took care of babies, toddlers and infants since I was 11 I start it with my little sister from there I start it with my nephews and nieces that were my cousins kids. They didn’t have anyone to take care of there little ones or to pick them up from school. I know that all babies toddlers and infants are all different in many ways. I know how hard it can be when a toddler or infant do their tantrums but most kids understand what they are doing and why. I have a 3yr old and I have gone through all that but all kids need patience from us adults. I am available from 6am till the time parents can pick up their kids I have no problem with the timing. I live in LA area. Please feel free to message me….

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Tree House Kids #1 posted July 21, 2022

Hi Karla! I’m looking for a full time provider for my family child care! Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5pm In Echo park area! Let me know if you’re still interested in the job ! Thanks 1 Like

Karla posted July 21, 2022

Hello good afternoon I am very interested if this is still available. I would like to do that would be perfect for me. 0 Likes