Available inexpensive babysitter located in Orange County

Interested in childcare in the Orange County area? I’m Max, a local experienced sitter.

Creating a fun, spontaneous, and welcoming environment is my specialty but being responsible and reliable for parents has always been the upmost goal for me along side child safety. So i’ve been trained in CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver to ensure you can leave them and your worries at home.

A little about me: My name is Max Wofford, i’m a recent graduate of Edison and born and raised in Orange and now locally in Huntington beach CA. I’d describe myself as warm hearted, patient, and friendly. I love baking and design but i’ve found myself to be the happiest working with kids. Since having experience volunteering and caring for children ages 4+ at CDC (Child Developmental Center) i’ve tried to spend my extra time with little humans. I love the energy kids give and i’m so grateful to be someone who can give it back 100%.

My skills include being able to fulfill basic care needs, including cooking, playtime, and CPR. I’ve helped tons of kids with home work to basic social skills and have experience with neurodivergency (Austism, ADHD)

I’m available weekdays, most weekends ,and nights. Message me for more information and rates.

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