I’m an energetic caregiver with certification in early childhood care, peer management, and nutrition background. I started my previous position with everything lead teachers in Early childhood should have if they are in a type three center or above, ancillary, CDA, CPR clean background. I’m versed in TS Gold and creative curriculum; I‘ve created schedules and lesson plans. I adhere to state guidelines before COVID-19 with hand-washing etc.; the only new piece is the mask and distancing. My current position as a nanny incorporates infant care and focuses on cognitive, physical, and emotional development—housekeeping and the organization of household items and lite cooking. Education is essential to me, I’ve furthered my education, and I’m a senior in my last semester earning my BA in Educational Studies at Southern University at New Orleans. I've taken care of children on base at the Army Corp as well as Tulane and LSU. I understand that children's needs go way beyond just primary care; cognitive development, social and emotional development, motor skills, and they need lots of love. I know I’ll be a great fit for your company because I’ve made a career in caring for people, especially children. I don’t just work in child care; It’s a natural part of who I am. I choose to teach as my career because when I’m on the clock working taking care of my students, I feel validated. I was asked what’s your “work,” not your job or career, what’s your work on earth, I responded, taking care of people!
Lots of love,


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