🚨Are you seeking childcare? I have a few spots open up and ready to fill!

Good morning Parents!!!
✨ if anyone is seeking child care ☺️ I am 24 hour daycare open Monday-Sunday. if you are enrolled to any subcity programs daycare is basically free if enrolled with CHS,Crystal Stairs, or DCFS etc. Please feel free to Message me with any questions If interested. Thank you!🙏🏻

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Marie posted June 8, 2023

Hi Johana, where are you located and what is your weekly rate? 0 Likes

Quiana posted June 8, 2023

Hi where are you located and how much???? 0 Likes

Carrie posted June 8, 2023

location please. I have 3 school age children two 6 year olds and an 8 year old 0 Likes

Lessie posted June 8, 2023

Hello, anyone looking for Childcare I have openings for all ages. l accept submitting programs also. 0 Likes

Carlita posted June 8, 2023

What area? 0 Likes

Mikhaila posted June 8, 2023

I am in Compton ,10 minutes from the Carson Mall.I am a 24 hours day care and I accept Crystal Stairs and all other subsidies.I have immediate openings.Weekdays ,overnights ,what ever kind of quality care you need. 0 Likes