Am I gaining too much weight?

I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant and I’ve gained about 20 pounds already… this is my first pregnancy. I’m trying my best to eat healthy overall but sometimes my cravings hit.. I feel like I’ve gained too much weight. Maybe I’m ok idk.. Makes me self conscious about my body though

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Aly posted March 13, 2023

As a mother of 2 I will tell you to just enjoy your pregnancy. I gained 50 lbs with my first and she only weighed 5lbs at birth! Just eat right, stay active (even if they are just walks around your block) and you will do great! Nursing helps lose A LOT of that weight once baby is here, but be kind to yourself. Your body will take some time to go back so don’t expect to be back into your jeans until baby is about 1. Obviously if you are a super active fit person you’ll probably get there sooner- I just never was so it took a solid year to even try on pre baby clothes.

Hope this helps and congrats on your first baby!

Claudia posted March 14, 2023

congratulations 🎉! I wouldn't worry too much about the weight since it's the placenta, water weight, baby and breastfeeding that will account to all the weight. I had my little one in November haven't lost much weight since then. I focused just getting by the couple first months! Recovering, bonding with baby is most important and you can always loose the weight later! 0 Likes
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