Acid Reflux in babies.

My son was born premature and suffered from Acid Reflux really bad. This is such a scary thing to witness in your baby. The 2nd hospital performed the Fundoplication surgery to fix the problem. He has been good ever since. I am sharing my story because the first hospital would not run the necessary test or perform the surgery. I also worked with a lady who had an 11 year old who was finally diagnosed with Acid Reflux Disease. But after 11 years, the disease caused a lot more damage to his stomach. As parents, we sometimes have to keep pushing until we get the right answers and treatment for our children.

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Hani posted October 17, 2023

Thank you for sharing and always keep fighting for is what right. Especially in the hospital. 0 Likes

Ahngee posted October 18, 2023

I didn’t even realize this. My dad has this and one of the babies I work with consistently vomits 0 Likes