What are some good gyms with daycares in the Moreno Valley?

I have my Kendall in a daycare that I LOVE, but I need a solution for when I go to the gym on the weekends. My friends have told me that there are some gyms that have daycares, but I haven’t had any luck with finding any in the Moreno Valley area. Does anyone have one where they like both the gym and feel comfortable with the daycare facility there? Thanks so much ladies!

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April posted October 10, 2019

I’ve stopped going since I became pregnant again, but I used to love going to Canyon Crest Athletic club! The best part was that you didn’t have to pay any extra for the childcare at the gym - it was already included with the membership. 0 Likes

Olympia posted October 10, 2019

The one I’ve just started going to is the Moreno Valley Fitness 19. It’s not too expensive and they have great hours at their daycare. Highly recommend. 0 Likes

Kori posted October 11, 2019

There is a really nice 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport in Moreno Valley with on site daycare. I have always had a good experience using the daycare service they offer. They stick to their ratios/capacity limits, will page you if ever needed and the staff are very attentive. 0 Likes

Maggie posted October 14, 2019

24 hour fitness! They have a capacity limit and hours of operation (different from gym), definitely convenient! 0 Likes

Michelle posted October 15, 2019

I go to Fitness 19 too! I'm a single mom and have a 6 yr old that hangs out in the kid's room while I do my 60 minute work out. The gym is clean and the staff are friendly, so it's super convenient for when I wanna work out on the weekend. 0 Likes