Hello! So, school has started & if you’re looking to get some extra help for your kiddos after school I am free to tutor them. 🙂

Here’s a little background info about myself:

I am a soon-to-be graduate from UT Tlyer. My major is Ec-6 education and have a minor
in Psychology. In college, I realized the classes I appreciated most weren't necessarily the topics I was most interested in. Rather, it was the professors who made the classes enjoyable. These professors were always engaging and comprehensible when teaching the material in the classroom, and willing to go the extra mile when I asked for additional help or clarification. I try to bring this knowledge to my tutoring approach, and do everything I can to make learning a pleasant experience. I use lesson plans in which I usually introduce the topic in a fun and creative way, then explicitly teach the material. Afterwards I always ensure time for students to practice the material on their own. Of course, this method can be adjusted based on the subject and student's individual needs.


I have been working with small groups of students & have experience in the classroom from Kindergarten- 5th grade since admitted to the education program . This will include all subjects. I worked directly with any students who needed additional assistance.

I have passed 2/3 teaching certification exams which will be the following:

•EC-6 content exam (covers all subjects)
•STR (Science of Teaching Reading)

Let me know if you need anymore information. (Will even do zoom meetings or meet)

Email me or message me here!


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