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Parenting hacks that make life easier

#1 Use Cardboard in between car seats To Stop Car Fighting

#2 It's Not Medicine, It's Juice put straw behind and actually Have a good day! It in the medicine

#3 put headphones on a child near lid speakers or monster trucks

#4 #4 Keep Your Toddler Busy By Letting Them Paint The Fence With Water

#5 Use A Fitted Sheet To Keep The Sand Out At The Beach, put cooler on one side baby bag on the other etc….

#6 Recycle Old Cot or crib Into A Craft Or Work Spot For Your Kids

#7 Hide Your Candies In Frozen Beans Bag

#8 Put A Bean Filled Glove On Your Baby's Back When You Want Your Kids To Feel Loved, But You're Too Tired

#9 Let your kid inside big cardboard box draw with crayons

#10 recycle plastic containers with a whole on top, let your infant or toddler put Pom Poms or a ball or shapes that fits through the top and reach in and take them out…

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