Looking for infant care in Banning Ca

Hello my name is Lucy mae and my daughter is 8 months old. I’m looking to go back to work. She’s breastfed however she does take a bottle. I can travel the distance. I have called many places already and I’m having no luck so far.

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Lucy Mae posted April 29, 2022

Monday- Friday 6am to 3pm can vary if need 0 Likes

Anusha posted April 29, 2022

Hi where do you live? 0 Likes

Sandra posted April 29, 2022

Hello Lucy I have space in my day care I am in the south center if you like contact me 0 Likes

Zineb posted April 29, 2022

Hi Where do you live 0 Likes

Lucy Mae posted May 1, 2022

I live in Banning Ca. In the I.E area 0 Likes

Dionne posted May 17, 2022

Where are you located my daycare‘s in Brooklyn the borderline of Queens and Brooklyn are you anywhere near there? 0 Likes