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Looking for a Assistant for a Daycare

Hello Dear, daycare in Manhattan are looking for a assistant part time or Full time preference with experience, lovers and patience with kids.

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Laviesha posted July 16, 2022

Good Evening, I'm available for the summer if that's helpful. 0 Likes

Christiana posted July 18, 2022

Hi Leiby, I am available with 13yrs experience in childcare. 1 Like

Leiby posted July 20, 2022

Hello dear christiana hope you and your family doing well please if you can call me 0 Likes

Leiby posted July 20, 2022

Hello Laviesha, thank you so much for your reply, but I am looking for someone who can train and stay but thank you if anything i will let you know. 0 Likes

Tigist posted July 20

Need part time assistance in west Torrance 0 Likes