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Hi:) my name Destiny I am 21 years old I go to Pierce college, I am studying child Development: I do have some certificates finish still continuing my school. I babysit at my grandma house; we both have experience on taking care of kids. We have had kids with autism so we have experience working with them. I do work at a daycare, when they need me usually Wednesday/ sometimes Thursday; but if you need me those days it will only be night shifts. If there any changes or something I am very responsible to letting parents know: about any changes such as if I work or not. You could always ask me and I will be happy to say I am available or not available.
Also, communication is the KEY: IF YOU feel like something is bothering please don’t hesitate to let me know or If anything is happening I will be more then HAPPY to HELP if I can.
Sometimes ; I do have appointments or important things to do, so I do send messages if I can’t babysit that day for some reason : I will communicate to you guys and let you guys know.
(LITTLE BIT about me: I love kids, I’ve have always followed my Dreams to become a Teacher or opening my own daycare. Love seeing different personalities and there learning developing there skills.
I’ve always took care of my brother and sisters & I grew up knowing it’s a big responsibility when having kids.
HOW I WOULD DESCRIBE MYSELF IS I AM A VERY NICE , shy person( but when being my own boss I need to change the SHY to being outgoing.
I was told by people I have lots of patients for kids: yes I do I love doing things with them. Most of all love showing them how to build there skills. I am very nice to the kids but I also sometimes I have to be little strict because of there safety and others I do not want anyone to be hurt.
What I would do is put them in time out for (2) (4) mins ( they will have 2 chances), andI will talk to them if they don’t listen then I will then have to message the parent about the kid… But that’s only if the kid is misbehaving: that I could not control them. & if he or she is at the right age to know for example from 3 to 5 years olds.
I am independent I like working by myself: and being my own boss, but in the house I do live under my grandma roof so I would have to follow her rules and keep organized; but the area I will be taking care of the kid will be in the living room & when it’s a nice weather we will sometimes be outside. MOST IMPORTANT NOTE: I want kids to be SAFE and COMFORTABLE.
If anything you could always BRInG your own supplies: like if kid needs a high chair please bring one or any other supplies.
But if cant afford it I will TRY to provided myself.
Other: IF KID is sick please please make sure he or she stays home and recovers until ready to come back.

(NOTE: we do not have a daycare; we only babysit) Note; I DO provide with toys, activities and holidays celebrations.
Also, appropriate learning skills are taught. One of my favorite thing to do with kids is dancing I put them YouTube and we do little bit of dancing. Also, since it’s summer, kids love playing with water: so will be having activities outside.
(Note; It’s best for parents to bring supplies; such has there lunch, and supplies they will need for example: diapers/wipes and extra clothes. I will provide supplies IF NEEDED.
I DO give them their snack and breakfast but I recommend parents to bring the kids lunch because; sometimes the kid will not like the food or allergic to it and it’s best for the kid to eat a meal that he/she will enjoy and like.
(NOTE: we are not professionals or licenses but I am planning to get it SOON when opening my own daycare but for right now it’s just a ME but my grandma helps me out on babysitting to, so It will be both of us. But most of the time it will be me because my grandma does have other Job: also working with special needs children.
( Note: we do have pets (1) CAT (2) small dogs there very friendly but do not let the kids get near them they always in there own spot.
I do have a brother and 3 sisters I am the oldest: they also are sometimes there because we also watch them. But they will all start going back to school.
NOTE; people living in the house is My grandma/ her husband that works full time and is not back until the afternoon and my uncle that mostly is in his room or DoorDashing. I also live there too.
I WILL HAVE A SCHEDULE FOR THE KIDS: Also, RULES will be required such as: basic rules that daycares will have there will be a sign in sheet and sign out to keep in track & I will be writing notes or sending messages to the parents on how the child is behaving everyday. Pictures/ videos will be send of your child ( only)

I will also babysit in night shifts; for those that work at night.
Note: I don’t drive, so it will be a little difficult If I would have to go to your house.
I will let you know my schedule; if anything ; or please communicate with me if you need any HELP and need a baby sitter as soon as possible and I will see how I could help if possible. I will try my best to be flexible.
Again thank you:)) to those who are interested.
I want to let you guys know our house is not to small or to big it’s pretty decent; so I will be able to start with 3 kids if I can, & if I have more help then I will do more. Also, depends on there ages; because little ones sometimes need more attention.
But I will be MORE then happy :)) to be watching your Little kiddo. & working with you and he/ she.
Also, I do tutoring for elementary Hw (only). But need to let me know to check my schedule.
If price is to high, we could always work something out. :))

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Jeanna posted July 22, 2022

hi Destiny, how are you? I have a one year old. Im not looking for a regular scheduled babysitter but instead I need someone per diem, an on call sitter. I will let you know the day before if we need a sitter and you just let me know if you are available to come at the time needed. 0 Likes

Destiny posted July 22, 2022

Whats diem and to let you know I don’t drive 0 Likes

Destiny posted July 22, 2022

Hi sorry :) Jeanna I am good how are you? Sorry I didn’t understand the word diem but I Just want to give a notice that I don’t drive. 0 Likes