How much money will your business save by offering childcare benefits?

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U.S. businesses lose $12.7 billion each year due to childcare issues.

Childcare benefits reduce turnover rate by 60%.

Save an additional $150,000 with the childcare tax credit.

Working parents miss 9 additional work days each year due to childcare issues.

Childcare benefits provide working families access to high-quality and reliable childcare solutions that support them in being engaged at work.

Give your employees access to affordable childcare with Upwards.

Working parents want:

Upwards offers employees:

Affordable childcare benefits for every family

Childcare support from employers

24/7 enrollment support and a care concierge

Help finding reliable caregivers

Licensed and vetted daycare providers nationwide

High-quality childcare options

Home daycares, after-school care, nannies, and babysitters

Childcare solutions for all ages

Upwards helps employers offer childcare benefits to their organizations by connecting families and caregivers nationwide. We believe the first step to solving the childcare crisis is providing all families with high-quality and affordable care. Learn more about how we can help you support your workforce today!

The largest childcare network in America.

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