Working families in North Carolina should have access to childcare benefits.

How Much Does Childcare Cost In North Carolina?

You’ve got a great job, a lovely home, and two beautiful children. You’re doing everything right — but then the bills come in and you realize that you need to pay for daycare.

How much is childcare in North Carolina?

The average annual cost of childcare in North Carolina is currently over $790 per month - and this is only the average cost. We are currently estimating that the average cost will only increase from here. (That’s already a total of $9,480 a year.) It’s a strain on many working families.

How much is childcare in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Asheville?

In Charlotte, Raleigh, and Asheville, the average rate of care is $9,480 a year.

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Why is childcare important?

Freedom. It’s the ultimate goal for many working moms and dads. But with childcare costs rising, more and more families have to choose between paying for childcare and cutting other expenses — like those towards the mortgage or car loans. That’s not freedom; it’s just a way to indenture yourself to someone else’s standards or priorities.

Why should employers help employees by offering childcare benefits?

Well, for starters, it helps attract and retain good employees who may not be able to afford daycare on their own (or who might not even want their children in daycare). But there are other reasons too: For example, it can lead to better morale among employees because they feel like they’re being treated well by their employer—and that can translate into better productivity!

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