How much does childcare cost in Florida? The average cost of childcare in the Sunshine State continues to rise. Whether you’re looking for center-based or in-home care, there are many factors that could affect how much it will cost for your family.

How much is childcare in Florida?

The average annual cost of childcare in Florida is currently over $770 per month, for a total of $9,238 a year. We are currently estimating that the average cost will only increase from here.

How much is childcare in Miami, Tampa, and Orlando?

The average cost of childcare in Miami, Tampa, and Orlando typically meets or exceeds $9,238 a year. That comes out to about $725 a month. These numbers may be based on estimates reported by parents, who, given the time demands of running a household and work commitments, often find themselves without the proper resources to locate and evaluate quality care.

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Is childcare necessary?

Childcare can come at any stage of life and it’s important to all children. Whether you’re a working parent, a parent with young children or an older adult who needs a little extra help around the house or while they’re recovering from an illness, childcare is a valuable service that can make all the difference.

How do employee childcare benefits help working families?

Empowering employees with childcare benefits is one way employers can help support the growing workforce of parents who are balancing work and family. Providing paid leave, flexible working arrangements, and other benefits can be an effective way to help employees manage the stress of a demanding lifestyle while still maintaining a career.

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