Upwards' childcare benefits were selected by a healthcare organization to boost childcare opportunities to over 30,000 employees.

Case Study: How Upwards Helped a Healthcare Organization Offer Childcare to 30,000+ Employees

A large healthcare organization wanted to improve their employee benefits packages by providing more accessible and affordable childcare options — with an emphasis on flexible care, as much of the staff worked extended hospital shifts.

Upwards’ childcare benefits presented the answer they were looking for.

The company chose Upwards to help support its Georgia-based workforce of over 30,000 employees, citing the extended hours of home daycares as a crucial factor for employees who required childcare outside of regular business hours. This offering was particularly significant for hospital staff needing nighttime and weekend childcare arrangements — something Upwards’ center-based care competitors could not offer. Additionally, as the most affordable option on the market, these benefits could help every working family within the organization, not just the highest earners. 

With Upwards, this healthcare system was able to provide childcare benefits employees could actually use.

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The stats: A childcare success story for healthcare employees

The new partnership between the large-scale healthcare organization has been successful, and employees now have better access to valuable childcare options. 

4.9 out of 5 stars were awarded by the employees about the childcare services they received from Upwards. And as it’s true that when working parents and guardians know their loved ones are supported at home, they can better focus and deliver at work.

45 counties across the state were covered in Upwards’ childcare provider network. This is a dramatic improvement compared to center-based daycares with only a handful of locations, especially for employees living in rural communities with longstanding childcare coverage limitations.

50% more hours were covered by Upwards’ network of providers. With options including 12 hours of coverage (compared to the standard eight), the network of home daycares and caregivers could accommodate the non-traditional work schedules of those in the healthcare industry. 

3x the number of employees opted-in to use Upwards’ childcare benefits (compared to the national average). Upwards’ offerings were such a vital resource that the organization could truly impact the lives of their working families, creating a more loyal and supportive workforce.

24/7 Dedicated Care Managers helped company employees find more childcare options — even during emergencies. This was especially true for those workers who may be working on call and nights/weekends.

40% more affordable than comparable childcare benefits programs, Upwards provides the type of care that helps all working families — not just those at the top. And with an emphasis on quality, these employees, no matter their position, were given access to the type of care their children deserved.


"Exceptional service! I honestly didn't think I would find childcare on such short notice, but my care manager made it super easy while only needing a few details from me" - Ronda H.

Tackling the childcare obstacles faced by healthcare organizations

Before partnering with Upwards, the company supported its working families with employer-sponsored childcare benefits through a different childcare provider. But they concluded that the existing program wasn’t ideal for their entire diverse set of staffers — for numerous reasons. 

  • Why it matters: Finding an equitable solution was paramount because childcare responsibilities still disproportionately affect women and impact people of color the most.

The company searched for an employee childcare benefits program with two essential features:

  • Affordability for parents throughout the organization
  • Flexibility to accommodate a wide range of work schedules

Before Upwards, we were using a different childcare service. However, we realized that the benefits it offered didn’t meet the needs of our parents who work at our company. So, we decided to find a better solution that was both affordable and flexible. We wanted a childcare option that could be used by everyone at the company, especially those who needed it the most. That’s why we started working with Upwards. - Director of Human Resources

How to solve childcare challenges for healthcare employees (and employers)

Prior to partnering with Upwards, working parents at this healthcare organization were struggling to balance their childcare responsibilities with work duties.  

Senior leadership considered multiple employee childcare benefit offerings available on the market to compare and contrast different programs. They focused on finding the best fit possible to make the most significant impact for all those families needing childcare.

The company thoroughly investigated all its options to address the childcare access gaps leading to concerns with:

  • Productivity 
  • Absenteeism 
  • General morale
  • Employee turnover 

Home daycares quickly emerged as an intriguing option.


Home daycare providers set their own schedules and typically offer childcare services outside of standard business hours, during evenings, weekends, and overnight. This type of flexibility was going to be crucial for the company to achieve its goal of expanding childcare access to every employee who needed it. 

The leadership team viewed home daycares as a potential childcare model that could work for their complex community of employees, including variable shift workers.


"Fantastic! The Upwards team has been fast, efficient, and very communicative!" -Tracy D.

Determining the best fit for employer-sponsored childcare benefits

After thoughtful consideration, the company selected Upwards as their preferred partner for childcare benefits. They were confident in Upwards’ ability to provide affordable and adaptable childcare options to their employees, who were spread across different locations.

Upwards was selected because of its extensive childcare network, which included home daycare providers, traveling providers, providing coverage during extended hours. This meant that working parents at the company would soon have the necessary assistance and access to caregivers not offered in center-based daycares — a massive improvement for those working hospital shifts.

Why are Upwards’ childcare benefits a great match for the healthcare employees?

The company tapped Upwards for employee childcare benefits to address gaps with their existing program. They selected Upwards’ Childcare Benefits program to provide its employees with the most affordable, flexible childcare options — all while improving productivity and curbing absenteeism.

Upwards’ Childcare Benefits option features include:

  • 1:1 Dedicated Care Managers 
  • A network of over 60,000 providers 
  • Unlimited tours and childcare provider interviews for employees seeking care
  • Support of part-time, full-time, and backup care needs
  • Priority placement with all Upwards providers
  • Customized coverage reports to see providers in the area close to clinics/hospitals
  • 24/7 access to dedicated care managers
  • Licensed, vetted providers
  • Access to parent experience/feedback
  • Community family support network
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive app
  • Quick and simple implementation
  • Potential to add a childcare stipend down the line

“Our leadership team looked into every childcare option on the market. With multiple shifts across our health network, there are lots of challenges for our working families in securing childcare. Without the right solution, we were concerned about staffers having to miss more unplanned workdays and shifts, not to mention retention issues. Upwards’ program really stood out — having 24/7 provider options is a big deal. We were so excited to share these new childcare opportunities with our entire workforce!” - Director of Human Resources

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Childcare benefits made easy for healthcare employees!

Right from the start, Upwards and the healthcare organization established a great working relationship. The company entrusted Upwards with leading the communication efforts with their employees about the new childcare benefits program. Upwards’ team tailored the program announcement, provided clarifying details, and outlined the next steps for the organization. 

Additionally, in preparation for the launch of the new benefits program, Upwards conducted several webinars with key employees, HR staff, and supervisors. These sessions were completed successfully, ensuring that everyone was informed and prepared for the program’s launch.

  • Why it matters: The goal of the webinar series was to not only spark interest in the new childcare benefits with working families but to ensure a smooth roll-out. With these efforts, the company’s employees began taking advantage of their new employer-sponsored childcare benefits at 3x the average opt-in rate and the employers were able to keep their workforce supported, productive, and engaged.


"My family's care manager went above and beyond. I truly appreciate her!" - Brenda M.

Offering childcare benefits to your healthcare organization

As a healthcare organization, it’s crucial to consider the impact of childcare benefits for your employees. By providing quality, flexible options you can support working families at home, allowing them to bring their best selves to work every day.

Investing in a high-quality childcare benefit program can boost employee morale, reduce absenteeism, and improve overall productivity. 

So don’t wait any longer! Start today and learn how we can help your organization achieve its goals while supporting your employees’ needs. 

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