Are Home Daycares Safe? Everything You Need to Know

Childcare and safety go hand in hand. Like peanut butter and jelly. It’s hard to imagine an effective childcare setting without the element of safety. Wondering if home daycares are safe? The short answer is yes.

If you’re looking at childcare resources for your family or business, there are many alternatives available. State-licensed home daycares are a very safe childcare option for families seeking care and employers planning to implement an employee childcare benefits program.

Every parent wants to find the best childcare situation for their kiddos. Organizations must ensure any childcare benefit programs they offer employees are safe and credible. Safe home daycare providers can satisfy on both fronts.

Let’s break down why home daycares are an excellent choice for so many families and businesses in need of a safe childcare solution.

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What is a home daycare?

A home daycare is a childcare facility based out of a caregiver’s home. You may hear them referred to as home daycares, however, these childcare businesses run by qualified providers can go by many other names.

Here are some alternate designations home daycares may go by:

  • Family childcare providers (FCCs)
  • Family childcare homes
  • In-home daycares
  • Home-based daycares
  • Home daycares
  • Neighborhood daycares

No matter what they’re called, though, these childcare settings offer a safe and unique approach to solving the childcare challenges that so many families face — especially working families.

What do home daycares do?

Home daycares provide comprehensive childcare to families that need it. How they provide it, though, is part of what makes them unique.

They are characterized by smaller class sizes and lower child-to-teacher ratios than larger childcare centers. Kids can receive more individualized attention and social interactions needed for healthy development, making home daycares a great combination of the two.

A typical home daycare can accommodate children of all ages, from 6-week-olds to 12 years of age. Home daycare providers set their own schedules and often have much more flexibility in terms of drop-off and pick-up times (compared to traditional childcare centers).

Some home daycares even offer evening, weekend, and overnight childcare. This can be a game-changer for working parents who are juggling non-traditional hours and overlapping shifts.

In short, home daycare providers offer childcare that is especially flexible and practical for working families.

State-licensed home daycares are safe, following stringent childcare regulations while offering affordable care with small class sizes and flexible schedules.

What are state home daycare licenses?

Childcare licensing requirements differ from state to state and cover a range of subjects, from the number of children permitted in a class to the safety of the building where care is being provided. The number of kids one adult can care for at a time and the nutrition of food served to children are also covered by state licensing regulations.

Licensed home daycares are childcare facilities that meet minimum state requirements and undergo ongoing monitoring to ensure that they remain in compliance. Home daycare providers should be well versed in their particular state’s licensing requirements, as complying with these regulations is the baseline for staying in business.

It is important to note that any home daycares operating without a license are illegal and subject to a fine. Best practice is to only consider home daycares that are licensed. This encompasses the vast majority of home daycare providers around the country, which are fully licensed in their state.

How do home daycares handle safety?

Safety is always at the forefront for home daycare providers.

Health and safety training requirements for adults working with children are part of state childcare licensing regulations and directly impact safety at licensed home daycares.

Pediatric first aid and CPR are common examples of the type of training required for childcare providers. Other examples include safe sleeping practices, as well as food allergy prevention/emergency response.

Additionally, states are required by federal law to implement comprehensive background checks for all childcare providers. For home daycare providers, background checks are needed for all adults living in a family childcare home.

With stringent childcare regulations in place to foster a safe and healthy environment for kids, families can confidently choose home daycares as the best fit for their childcare needs. For organizations considering childcare benefits for employees, selecting a childcare network that includes home daycares is a top option.

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