7 Simple Ways Parents Can Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week 2022

If it were up to us, every week would be Teacher Appreciation Week!

Every teacher is unique, whether they are caregivers, educators, parents, mentors, or old friends. There’s no one more deserving of our gratitude. Teacher Appreciation Week is upon us, and since we only get one week a year to show those special teachers and caregivers how much they mean to us, we have to make it count.

With Friday, May 6 recognized as National Provider Appreciation Day, Upwards celebrates all of the amazing caregivers across the country who support children at vital stages of their development and help guide them on their learning journey.

As students, parents, and peers, now is the time to shine a spotlight on the people making a difference in our lives.

Here are a few ideas to bring a big smile to your favorite teacher’s face and make their week as exceptional as they are:

1. Gift your teacher a nourishing lunch break

Want to find a practical (and delicious) way to show your appreciation? Teachers need more than just an apple these days! Why not treat your teacher to lunch and bring it to them at school? This will take some extra coordination on your part, yet delivering one of their favorite foods is sure to be a hit!

2. Teaching in style — color coordinate those cute kiddos!

Looking for a charming, memorable idea to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week? You can add a dash of delight to their day by organizing with all the families in the class for kids to wear their teacher’s favorite colors to school. Don’t forget to snap a photo to mark the occasion!

3. A simple “Thank You” will do

A considerate idea at any time of the year, this simple gesture can go a long way toward making teachers and caregivers feel appreciated. Choose a thoughtful card and write a heartfelt message to show how much you care. Creating a homemade or custom-designed card is a great way to go above and beyond a classic Thank You card!

4. Gift card your way to your teacher’s heart

When in doubt on what to get for that special teacher in your life, a gift card can be an easy and practical way to go. Whether you select a gift card for one of their favorite restaurants, movie theaters, or online shopping sites, it will certainly be appreciated — and they’ll think of you when enjoying whatever it is they spend it on!

Teachers deserve our praise and recognition every day — Upwards opens Teacher Appreciation Week by providing ideas to celebrate all of our special teachers.

5. Snacks… they’re for your caregivers, too!

You can’t go wrong with appealing to your caregiver or teacher’s sweet tooth! Here, the possibilities are nearly endless. You can surprise them with a box of truffles, dazzle them with fancy cupcakes, or let them know the kids are nuts about them with some chocolate-covered nut confections! Another option is to bring them coffee and a pastry in the morning to help them start the day off with a smile.

6. Add a floral flourish to the classroom

If there’s a teacher out there who doesn’t like receiving flowers and plants, we haven’t met them yet! Whether you pick out a lovely bouquet they can enjoy for a while or a small plant they can keep around the house or even plant in their yard, thoughtful gifts like these are sure to help any teacher have a nicer day.

7. Homemade art: It’s not just for art teachers

Looking for a teacher appreciation idea with a personal touch? Why not commission a young artist (i.e. your child) to come up with a unique piece of artwork that depicts their fondness for their star teacher? Even if the student is too young to create a masterpiece, it’s still the thought that counts.

Showing appreciation for that special teacher or caregiver in your life can take many different forms, and even the smallest token of thanks can have a big impact. We know they are so special they’re practically our real-life superheroes — so why not shower them with all the love and appreciation you can?

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